How to include Volunteering on a CV

Any work experience you have MUST be included in your CV! The more work experience you have the better, and if it is volunteering then future employers will be even more impressed.

It is pretty simple to include your volunteer work on a CV. Make sure you specify where it is you volunteered at and how long for. After this, all you need to do is then explain in detail what it is you did in this position so that employees can see the skills you have.

Here is an example of my volunteer information that I have put on my CV:

(Volunteer) The British Heart Foundation Charity Shop (1 year)

  • In this job, I interact with the customers, asking them to buy specific things in our store or donate money for a worthy cause.
  • I organize and sort out clothes, books, DVDs, shoes, bags and jewellery; pricing them and putting them on the shop floor.
  • I am able to work effectively in a team, for example a group of my co-workers and I had to go out to the public, promote our charity and raise money.
  • I work independently on the till, which is the aspect of my job that I do the most making me very experienced.

I hope that this has helped you if you were struggling on how to incorporate volunteer work onto your CV. 😀

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