How to gain a following on Instagram

When it comes to promoting a product, brand, event…etc gaining followers on your Instagram page is very important.

Initially when I was faced with this task, I was unsure as to how I was going to get people to notice my social media page. The first day I was followed by my friends who offered to help me out, however no external people were following me even though my page was public. It is then that I realised it’s all to do with the hashtags!

When you post pictures and have a public page, people are going to notice it by the hashtags you use. For example if you post a picture of an event that your charity is holding and how it turned out, you would use hashtags like #event #charity #likeforlike #followforfollow #volunteer #donate #fundraise…etc. Whatever you can think of and has anything to do with that picture will help get your page noticed.

In addition, when you go onto the popular page on Instagram, you can search for pictures that come up with specific hashtags. This is mainly how I gained followers on my page. I typed in the hashtag charity or charities and liked posts and followed those who had similar pages to mine. In turn I got likes and follows back, therefore I can say that this is a strategy that definitely works.

I hope that this helped you and gave you some useful tips on how to gain a following on your social media pages. 😀


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