Working with The Tiny Tims Children Centre

New Experiences are always nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to working with something as important as a charity for disabled and mentally ill children.

In order to work with this charity, I had to have a clear outline of what I would be doing, be able to show evidence of this, be able to pitch well, and have confirmation from the charity and my module leader. Having never done anything like it I was very nervous, however I had all my information and after it was delivered, the manager that I was talking to was very impressed with the idea and clearly understood what I intended and hoped to achieve.

I was given a tour of the place, where I was showed the different rooms like the sensory room and the massage rooms that help the children relax, as well as being told the history of the place and what each room was for. The more I learned about the charity and what they did, the more motivated I was to put all my effort into helping them the best I could. Especially when I was told how little funding they have and how little staff they have as a result.

I am very happy with the progress I have made so far on the Instagram page (link on home page), blog and Snapchat page. As each day I am allowing more people to learn about this charity and the amazing work they do, free of charge, to families that are struggling to offer the best treatment for their children.

Feel free to follow my Instagram page @tinytimschildrencentre 😀

Here is a link to my video that I made on the Tiny Tims Children Centre and what they are all about:

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